3 Questions to Ask When Booking a Wedding Band

How to Choose the Right Band for the Big Day?

There are many elements to consider when selecting the entertainment that will make your wedding day an unforgettable success. You want to make sure that you are going to have the right wedding entertainment for your wedding. Just as important as knowing the type of band you want knows what to look for and the key questions to ask. Also, you should make sure that the agency you employ is reputable. Here are some guidelines to help you make the best choice.

Wedding BandHow long has the band been together? Your band should be self-contained. It is a good rule of thumb to know who hires the musicians that play with your band. Is it the agency or the bandleader? Make sure that it is the bandleader who does this to ensure there is cohesiveness. A bandleader worth his salt is not going to let someone else pick his musicians. Only he should be choosing his principal players and they should always be the same.

Are they well versed in the running of a wedding reception? Wedding receptions are very detail specific and not all bands know the nuances that are vital to the success of the evening. They should be familiar with different types of weddings and the etiquette that is necessary for each. Make sure your band leader is genuinely concerned enough to alert your photographer and videographer of key segments of your reception, such as the first dance and father-daughter dance, special toasts, and key announcements. In addition, band members must be flexible, have warm personalities, and a passion to make your event superbly memorable. Lastly, your band should also know when it is appropriate to take their breaks if your music is not continuous.

Do they play together on a consistent basis? Bands that constantly change members will not have a smooth flow as they are always asking for the keys and tempos of the songs they perform. This results in too many silent pauses between songs and as we say in the business, “silence is deafening!” So, a seamless transition from song to song is imperative. Beware of agencies that do the old “mix and match” with their band members! They should also play a wide variety of music that will be pleasing to all age groups. Finally, it is key for the band to know the importance of volume control, when to take it up a notch, and when to bring it down.

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