3D Wedding Cakes for Geeks in Houston, TX

3D Wedding Cakes for Literary and Computer Geeks in Houston, TX

With the latest computer games and books with very creative story-line and characters, people have been very hooked to the cyber world in a way that they already incorporate their daily lives in it.

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There are cosplayers or costume players that have been dressing up as their favorite characters in the book, movie series, manga or computer game. This kind of crowd has been increasing throughout the world. They meet up together from time to time through organized events like Comic Con.

They meet and greet, appreciate each other resulting to geek lovers around the world. They have geek themed weddings like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, League of Legends and even Super Mario. These themes make the cakes even more interesting and this is how the 3D wedding cakes Houston TX took place.

3D wedding cakes in Houston TX highlights the wedding. It is very surprising to see an edible image that blows your mind. Amazing characters like Ben 10 appear to be flying in the air, king and queen figures sitting on a 3D Game of Thrones chair made of sword and Super Mario with the Princess on the finish line or in the dungeon.

Mushrooms are even made into mini cupcakes guests enjoy. With the use of 3D pictures, fine edges and proper angling, your cake will transform into a magical 3D wedding cake made in Houston Tx fit for geeks. You can also ask referrals from your reliable gourmet caterer.

3D wedding cakes are appropriate for these types of themes because it could compliment the sense of the event. The wedding cake designer could also venture on a variety of designs creative.

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