4 Best Ways to Get People RSVP to Your Wedding Invitation

Tips to Make Your Guests RSVP Your Invitation

Getting all your wedding guests to RSVP to your wedding invitation can be challenging considering the fact that the number of your guests will determine your choice of wedding venue and reception, wedding vehicle, and catering services.

Here are some helpful tips to make your guests respond to your wedding invitations promptly.

Be Very Specific

Make sure that you let your guests know exactly how to RSVP you and what’s your deadline. For instance, you may ask them to RSVP your via a specific email, phone number, or address. If you choose to spread out your invitation via a website, make sure to ask your website administrator to handle all the responses accordingly like guests thinking your website URL as email address- because it happens more often than you think.

Provide Options

For sure not all your guests would like to be invited via email or text. If you want to have people appear on your event, make their RSVP as convenient for them as possible, the manner that they would easily prefer. So give options such as email address, phone number, text messages, or a card on mail.

Keep Your RSVPs Organized

It’s easy to misplace responses from several guests when you don’t take time to capture them in one single place. Place all RSVP’s from cards in one box, list down in one spreadsheet those who have called or texted you, or place in one folder of your email those who have emailed you back.

Make a Follow-up, Gently

Your guests are kind, good, and interesting people- but they are busy too. You might be thinking about your event day and night, but they’re not and you can’t blame them for doing so. Sometimes, you may need to send a gentle reminder to them. Sending them an email is a great way to reach out to them.

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