5 Fairytale Wedding Dreams that Would Probably Not Happen

Kids Wedding Dreams to Forget About When You Grow Up

May be you are dreaming to have the most incredible wedding party of a lifetime ever since you were a kid. It has been children’s imagination to have a fairy princess-like wedding with the most wonderful banquets and cocktail parties which can cost you too much mess and money. But the question is, will your dreams come true when you grow up and marry? Think about your five year old self for a bit and imagine, you might have a different idea now than the last time. Here are some of the possible wedding imaginations that probably won’t happen:

All About WeddingUnlimited budget

One thing that our five year old selves definitely didn’t take into consideration is a wedding budget, and with a limitless budget comes limitless imagination. Something else that didn’t cross our young minds? The time and effort that wedding planning takes. So really, it’s no wonder our wedding dreams aren’t panning out the way we talked about in primary school!

Love at first sight

After watching so many Disney films, the perfect idea of meeting ‘the one’ after your first dip in the dating pool (or him waking you up from a deep sleep with his magical kiss, etc) and then going on to live happily ever made sense. But the truth is, you probably had to find kiss a fair few frogs along the way to find the right one, and that first meeting when he accidentally poured his drink down you at a bar wasn’t your most ‘fairytale moment’ either.

Prince Charming

And speaking of that magical, fairytale moment – you are sure that your hubby-to-be is the best thing ever, but he probably doesn’t have the smoothness of The Little Mermaid‘s Eric, or the long blonde locks of Pocahontas’ John Smith, or even more disappointingly, Aladdin’s magic carpet; the three main components of the perfect man in your infant self’s eyes… obviously.

Princess dress

Then there’s the dress. When you were little, it’s almost inevitable that you pictured yourself in a Cinderella-type dress. No matter what type of bride you are now – even today’s most alternative brides, – that sparkling ball gown and elegant up-do was prime inspiration. Plus, how easy was it for her to get ready!? Bibbidi bobbidi boo!

A castle full of guests

With the idea of actually paying for your special day never even crossing your mind, your plans of inviting every single person you’ve ever met in your life by the time the day comes round never seemed like a problem. If the Disney princesses got to invite the whole country, why couldn’t you? Hundreds of guests lots of save the dates, lots of invitations, a very big wedding venue, and a whole lot of money.

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