7 Unique Different Types of Wedding Celebration

Types of Wedding Celebrations

The very first thing that you need to decide when planning your wedding is the type of wedding event you wish to have. There are many kinds of wedding events that you can choose from Each one is quite distinct from the other, which gives you a vast array of choices to pick from.

Here are 7 types of wedding ceremony that you can choose from.

Religious Ceremony. Usually, religious ceremonies are done inside a house of worship, officiated by a minister or a priest and follows a specific ritual.

Formal Wedding. This type of wedding conforms to what exactly is prescribed by the society and age-old wedding traditions. It commonly takes places in very formal wedding venues with attendants wearing formal attires.

Informal Ceremony. Couples who choose to have an informal wedding can freely pick a place to tie the knot. No proper attire is required nor orthodox rituals.

Civil Wedding. Often held inside a courthouse or at a city hall, civil wedding is typically simple, brief and with only few guests attending. This type of wedding is officiated by a mayor or a judge.

Destination Weddings. This type of wedding is one of the most exciting options because it’s usually done in an exotic location whether inside the country or abroad. Destination weddings have been popular these days because this requires travel, new festivities, and a honeymoon getaway.

Cruise Weddings. This type of wedding is held onboard a cruise ship and is officiated by the captain of the ship or an onboard clergyperson. They also offer perfect wedding caterer to serve sumptuous meal.

Military Weddings. Military weddings require the bride or the groom to be in full dress uniform which is done in a chapel in a military base. Depending on the branch of armed forces one belongs, a marrying enlisted personnel is given a stunning salute and the newlywed passes under a Saber Arch.

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