Adding Appliques to Cheap Wedding Dresses in Omaha, NE

Turning Your Cheap Dress into Luxurious One

Purchasing wedding dresses in Omaha, NE may cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars like your catering service. While others are ignoring the presence of appliqués you can turn your cheap wedding dress into luxurious one by adding this detail. You don’t need to envy those wedding gowns that are being featured in bridal magazines because appliqués can do the work. This magic piece of art doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. If you are not familiar with this you may check your favorite dress maker or fabric supplier, click this over here now.

21Appliqués are also perfect for those rushed dresses because you just need to sew them directly to the dress. Your seamstress doesn’t need to put beads one by one to add intricate details. Applying appliqués to dress will emulate expensive dresses. There are some appliqués that are made from laces with pearl and semi-precious stones. If you can’t find it in your local store you may cut larger pieces of lace to make the appliqués.

If you are concern with durability you may use silk or organza as support to the lace., this will look you fabulous in your wedding picture. You can put it at the back of appliqués. This technique is perfect for those heavy beading or other embellishments. You just need to cut the organza to the exact size of the appliqué. Make sure that the support is not too big.

If it’s your first time to do it you can apply the lace appliqués by hand sewing rather than using sewing machine. The key here is not to over decorate the dress so that it will not look heavy and bulky. Before sewing it, use pins so that you can easily adjust or remove the appliqués. You can also use dress stand to experiment with the placement of the lace. Bear in mind that you need to use sharp pins so that it will not ruin the fabric. You also need to clean your hands when touching the wedding dresses in Omaha, NE to avoid stains. Use only sharp needle and has no burrs so that it can pass through the fabric and appliqués.

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