Breathtaking Places Where to Take Pictures for Wedding in Houston, Texas

Places Where to Take Wedding Photos in Houston

In Houston, Texas, there are many place where you can take great wedding pictures. But oftentimes, these places are often overlooked. For one reason, these places camouflage by the surroundings. But if you have eyes that can see things from a different angle, here are some of the great places where to take pictures for wedding in Houston, Texas.

Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

The Houston Arboretum and Nature Center is considered by many as the green oasis at the heart of the buzzling city. Taking pictures for your wedding here is perfect especially if you’re theme is nature or environment related. At the Arboretum, you can have great pictures of the different habitats such as forest, meadows, ponds, and wetlands that are perfect backdrop for a nature-friendly wedding. Click here for more details of these amazing places.

The Petroleum Club of Houston

If you want to have a gorgeous view of the downtown Houston as a backdrop of your wedding photos, the Petroleum Club of Houston is the best place. Not only this place offer a spectacular view of the city but you can also take pictures of their sumptuous menu and cocktail. Moreover, you can take stunning views of the sunset from this place, which is incredible romantic.

Magnolia Hotel Houston

Another best place where to take pictures for wedding in Houston, TX is the Magnolia Hotel. This place offers a stellar view of the city especially on a warm summer night. Their rooftop pool is also a great place to have pre-nuptial photos, which is incredibly breathtaking and impressive. Aside from this,  they also offer wedding catering services that is perfect for your wedding.

These places are only some of the locations in Houston where you can get amazing wedding photos. Explore more the city and be amazed of the myriad of settings and places to have romantic and breathtaking wedding images. Together with this stunning places you should hire best photographer that will cater your wedding.

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