Budget Wedding Catering in Baltimore MD

How To Budget Your Wedding Food Course by Course

Looking for wedding catering services in Baltimore MD is going to be tough if you don’t know how much your budget is going to be. In this article we will talk about the different budget requirements for the different styles of wedding catering because there are different styles. From plated meals to tapas, there are so many possibilities and options for you to choose from and not all of these are going to burn a hole into your wallet.

wedding cateringSo don’t head and look for catering services in Baltimore MD just yet, let’s talk about how much budget you should have a plated meal style of reception.

Plated Meal Reception Just because it is a seated meal you shouldn’t assume that it’s going to be expensive. Costs are controlled by the fact that your guests cannot go ask for seconds because they are only being served at their tables. So taking this into consideration you can actually control the consumption of the food in your reception.

Costs will also depend on the type of gourmet food you are going to serve. One way to cut down on cost is to decrease the number of courses. For example serve either soup or salad and not both. Cutting down on the number of courses will not only save you money but it is also recommended, because you don’t want to have your guests seated during the majority of the reception eating food.

They need to get up and mingle; this is why keeping your meal courses limited is recommended. Chicken also is the most inexpensive of all protein you can choose this to serve to your guests, they are commonly recommended by many catering Baltimore MD.

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