Common Cupcake Flavors That You Should Not Miss Having on Your Houston, TX Wedding Celebration

Eight Wedding Cupcake Flavors to Have

Cupcakes are nice addition to an event’s menu. Be it as a main dessert thing or as wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX to officially replace the traditional tiered cake, it is impossible not grab at least one from the cupcake stand. What’s good with cupcakes is that these sweet treat is a handful yet easy and enjoyable to eat. In addition to that, you can also serve a variety of cupcake flavors in different designs since they don’t cost as much as tiered wedding cakes. Of course, being aware of the most common cupcake flavors is a good start to knowing which should included on your desserts list.


Vanilla is a classic flavor not only on cupcakes but wholly on desserts. Vanilla probably is the safest flavor to go for if you are not that of a risk-taker to serve something new or unusual to your guests, What’s more with vanilla cupcakes is that almost all bakeries have them daily. At least, you won’t find a hard time to find a bakery that can make some for your wedding.


Among with vanilla, chocolate is also among classic flavors when it comes to desserts. Plus, from kids to grown-ups everybody live chocolate. This flavor also has numerous health benefits and can be easily combined with other flavors. Chocolate along with vanilla is a bakery’s staple flavor. With both of them, you can have the best of both worlds.


Yes, cheese cupcakes can also be a good addition to your list of desserts. It has enough sweetness that fights its saltiness and its creaminess is enhanced by its milky richness. Since cheese has a lot of variations, each one can give you a different taste as a cheese cupcake.

Red Velvet

Definitely, red velvet has been a very common flavor especially on romantic events like weddings due to its passionate red color. Apart from its romantic appearance as an appetizing sweet treat, the rich frosting of cream cheese of red velvet is its highlight that made it as one of the most bestselling flavor for cupcakes without being out of the trend.


If you want something sweet yet refreshing and citrusy, then lemon cupcakes should also be present on your wedding day too. Lemon cupcakes as also have variations that you can go for. Nonetheless, the sweet buttercream balanced by its tartness is what made lemon flavor for a cupcake one of a kind.


Carrot flavor for cupcakes has also become a crowd’s favorite. Best if carrot wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX are also infused with cinnamon or other compatible baking spices and nuts. Serve carrot cupcakes and you are able to make your guests enjoy something that is not only delicious but also very healthy.


Another healthy cupcake flavor that you should not miss is pumpkin. Pumpkin cupcakes have now grown very popular (big thanks for Starbucks) although it has been a classic flavor for desserts especially pies all along.


Another trendy cupcake flavor is coconut flavor. Best if you are having a summer wedding since coconuts definitely give that summer vibe. Don’t forget to add real coconut as your cupcake toppings!

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