How to Select a Groom’s Wedding Cake in Chicago, IL

Cake Centerpieces for the Groom

When one combines the word cake and wedding, the very first thing that always comes to mind is, of course, the multi-layered white frosted colored wedding cakes Chicago decorated with sweet icing and colorings, and a figurine of a married couple on the top most layer that are being served by the wedding caterers.

wedding cakeThis is generally the first perception of a cake in a wedding. But, unknown to a large number of people, even Americans, especially those from the northern states, are unaware of the existence of the Groom’s Cake. The Groom’s Cake has been a southern tradition that is popularized in the City of Chicago, IL that has been practiced for more than a century.

The Groom’s Cake is traditionally a gift from the bride to her man on their wedding day, a presentation at the reception for everyone to see. It is a symbol of the bride’s affirmation, loyalty and affection to her new husband. A groom’s cake specifically represents everything about her man. What she knows about hi, his talents, his personality, hobbies, likes and preferences. Indeed, it shows how deeply the bride knows everything about her man, and is willing to decorate the cake based on everything about him.

This is also a challenging test of the bride’s creativity and innovation. A fiery testament to her skills on how she could present the wedding cake Chicago, IL on her wedding day that would actually please her groom.

This tradition marks a unique form of practice in southern weddings, as it gives the bride an additional task to do before her wedding day and would feel another form of pressure that could not normally be found on typical American weddings.

The color of the Groom’s Cake does not necessarily need to be white, like the couple’s wedding cake Chicago, IL. It is up to the wife to decide how much her man colors up her life.

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