Handling Guests with Allergies with Your Wedding Catering in San Diego, CA

Discussing Food Allergies with Bridal Caterer

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One of the wedding blunders which most couples are really afraid of during their wedding reception is their guests getting food allergies. This kind of allergy should be on the top concern of most couples especially setting up or planning the wedding catering in San Diego, CA. The couple should always bear in mind the dietary preference of their invited guests, not just their own personal food preference. Who knows, your guests are allergic with your favorite food.

Here are some of the simple tips to avoid committing this wedding blunder:

(1) Send your menu list to your guests
Take a time to email your menu list to your guests. Let them comment out just in case they are allergic into some types of food you are about to serve.

(2) Avoid food which usually causes food allergy
While discussing the food that you are about to serve with your bridal guests, make sure that the provider has a list of FDA identified allergen causing ingredients. These ingredients are as follows: nuts, wheat, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, soybeans and peanuts.

(3) Check food labels
Most food allergies are coming from brands that are not usually trusted. Make sure you visit the kitchen of your caterer and see if they are using branded food labels.

(4) Reputation of the caterer
Do not hire caterers with a bad reputation because you are paying just to get the risk. Make sure that you read reviews or interviewed people who have previously experienced the food catering service given by your San Diego catering.

Serving food on your wedding day should be done with great caution. With a single mistake on your food, the wedding reception celebration can be interrupted due to an emergency wherein you need to rush someone to the hospital. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Plan out with the provider of wedding catering in San Diego, CA in order not to put the health of your guests with allergies at risk.

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