Learn the Don’ts in Preparing Wedding Cakes in NYC NY to Avoid Disasters

Helpful Wedding Cake Planning Ideas

The wedding cake is an important element of every wedding. Careful and thorough planning is needed to serve the guests the eye-catching and delectable wedding cake. Without the planning, you will most likely come across disasters to stress you on your wedding. Learn about the don’ts in preparing wedding cakes in NYC, NY.

Wedding CakeDo not please everyone – many couples tend to worry about the likes and dislikes of their guests when it comes to the flavor of the cake. On the other hand, decide on what is YOUR preferred flavor. It is your wedding day and everything should be about you and your partner, even to the flavor of the wedding cake to serve.

Forget about your Grandma’s recipe – yes, it may be your favorite, but make sure your Grandma can make the cake to serve the number of your guests. If not, it will come out as a disappointment. You can request your Grandma to prepare and serve her cake recipe for other family party instead or get a wedding cakes bakery in NYC.

Do not insist a friend or relative – many couples find it cost-effective to get a friend or relative take care of their wedding cake for them. On the other hand, unlicensed, uninsured wedding cake bakers can lead to many risks.

Reject the inedible color – you may have the perfect wedding color palette in mind, like purple, pink, red or blue, but these are the worsts. Even if your baker tells you it is an edible color, the colors mentioned usually stain everyone’s lips and tongue, and the fabrics too.

Do not make it complicated – a cake with bridges, trees, flags, soccer field, birds and other elements that a person likes really looks fancy. Unfortunately, it is not just the perfect kind of cake for weddings. Instead, couples should make it simple by incorporating two to three elements.

Of course, do not forget to eat your cake too. Many bakers of wedding cakes in NYC, NY saves some for the couples, as during the wedding, couples often do not get the chance to eat their own wedding cake. Some couple use this as well as their wedding favor and gifts.

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