New Catering Trends That Can Turn Your Wedding in Miami, FL into a Hip Lively Party

Unique Meals to Serve Your Guests

cateringThere is so much more to wedding catering in Miami, FL than having the chicken or fish and yet couples are usually restricted to traditional catering styles or meals because people don’t usually think outside the box. Here are a couple cool catering trends that people actually thought of, from drinks down to the appetizers you serve.

Unique Beverage Stand

It’s not unique to offer drinks such as lemonade or water during cocktail hour and displaying them in an interesting way like mason jars anymore. There are new beverage bars for weddings that offer more exotic and out of this world drinks such as lemongrass infused ice cubes or freshly pressed ginger beverages, you even get loose-leaf tea bars where your guests can mix their own favorite tea leaves for their perfect (or weird) blend. Many catering companies offer this for weddings in Miami, FL. To add luxury to this drink you can use studded glasses so that when it hit with light it will spark like your jewelries.

Dumplings and Dim Sum

Many Asian cuisines are making their way to the wedding phase. Think of dumplings and other appetizers on small plates that are rolled on carts through the reception area. You can have a tapas style wedding reception, or have these carts pass through each guest table while they are enjoying their sit-down meals. This doesn’t only work well with wedding receptions but also with bridal or engagement parties.

Bars for Donuts

So maybe you or your guests are not into cakes but have serious sweet teeth, a donut bar will always interest your wedding guests. You can even use them to replace the traditional wedding cake, instead of cupcakes why not try donuts? Let your imagination run wild, you can place a small platter of donuts on each guest table for sit-down meals too.

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