Choosing Popular Wedding Cakes in New Orleans, LA

Serving Popular Wedding Cake Flavors

Wedding cakes in New Orleans, LA has always been a beautiful centerpiece of a wedding event. Over the years, the details and designs of wedding cakes have become more and more elaborate with fondant and sugar roses, intricate patterns and a seemingly infinite number of colors to choose from. But, whatever type of cake you desire to have on your big day, it is important to consider the trends nowadays. If you want to be more sophisticated in your wedding event, here are some popular wedding cake flavors that you should have:

weddingcakeRed Velvet

This is a deep, red colored wedding cake. It is appropriate to be served for an intimate type of wedding like yours. Red velvet cake is a perfect cake that represents love and romance into your wedding event. The flavor of this one of a kind confection is not too chocolaty or vanilla, it is rich and smooth paired of cream and cheese. It will be the perfect wedding cake to be served on your wedding day.


Among those various kinds of flavors of wedding cakes in the world, chocolate remains to be the most popular option of couple in New Orleans. This type of cake is simply dramatic in many sense and really, really delicious. The children on your wedding day will surely love this centerpiece because as they say, “Kids love chocolates!”. Indulge with the richness of it’s chocolate fudge, you can really have a cake like this on your wedding day. This flavor of cake is basically being served by many wedding caterer.

White Chocolate with Raspberry

Combining New Orleans wedding cake with fruits will make it taste even better. The sweet richness of white chocolate with the tart fruitiness of raspberry is a winning combination to try on. Discover this popular cake and have it on your big day. Everyone surely loves a good combination just like you and your significant other.

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