Rules to Follow When Buying Loose Diamonds for Wedding in San Diego, CA

What You Need to Know When Buying a Loose Diamond?

loose diamonds for weddingIf you are planning to buy a diamond, it is a very good option to buy loose diamonds, as it will give you the opportunity to ascertain the quality of the diamond better. You need to know that having a loose diamond is very worthwhile but, it can costly as well. When a diamond is mounted, it can conceal some of the defects of the stone, which may not be visible from the outside. Buying a diamond is always an expensive affair and therefore, it is important to ensure that you follow the below rules while buying loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego, CA:

Ask for a certificate

A certificate will list out all the characteristics of the loose diamond. Therefore, it is always better to buy loose diamonds that are certified by the GIA or other certification agencies. The certificate is proof that an independent party has examined the loose diamonds and certified its quality. Without the certificate, you will not be able to verify the color, clarity, cut and carat of the loose diamond you are buying. Find reputable shop at

Check for Laser Inscription

All certified loose diamonds, will have a unique ID that comprises of letters and numbers, engraved in the stone. The unique ID that is engraved on the diamond will be mentioned in the certificate of the diamond. You can use the engraved ID to ensure that the certificate provided with the diamond is genuine. You need to inspect carefully on the store that you are going to buy your loose diamond to avoid having fake ones.

Compare prices

Compare the prices of similar diamonds with all reputed jewelry stores in the region. Ensure that you compare similar diamonds, as even small changes in the color, clarity and carat of the loose diamonds, can have a profound influence on the price of the stone. You can also check the prices for similar diamonds on online stores to identify if the prices that have been quoted to you are high or in par with the market price. This will help you get the best price of loose diamond for your wedding day. So compare prices and make sure that you can save on it.

Inspect the loose diamond

Always inspect the loose diamond under magnification. Check the surface for any chips or damage and check if there are any cracks in the diamond. If you are buying loose diamonds online, check the return policy of the store to ensure that they will take back the diamond if you are not satisfied with it. You need to make sure that you are getting the right kind of loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego ,CA so that you can show it off on your wedding day.

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