Saving on Your Wedding with the Caterers in San Jose, CA

Inexpensive Catering Ideas

wedding cateringThe reception is the start of the celebration of the wedding. The reception is one of the main priorities of the couple because it is where the guest and families spend more time to talk and greet each other. The reception should pamper the guest and they should enjoy the food being served.  The catering service will let you take out a large amount however, you can still save if you know some techniques.  Learning the saving ideas for wedding with the caterers in San Jose, CA.

Set the Budget. Always set the budget and stick to it. Prioritize the things that you need to spend on your reception. For the food, set an amount so that you can take control. List down the menus  that you wanted to serve on your big day if it fits the budget.

Limit Alcoholic Drinks. It is a tradition to serve alcoholic drinks however, you can limit them. Serve fruit punch or ice teas so that your guest can have a different taste. You can serve beers and wines but serve them on the first two hours only. Inform your San Jose catering about this.

Set up a Dessert Station.  The trend nowadays is to set up a dessert station. A dessert station will excite your guests because they will have options to choose their own desserts. You can prepare candies, gummies, jellies, chocolates, fresh fruits and chocolate fountain. This is also called DIY or Do It Yourself.

Read more saving tips for a wedding with the caterers in San Jose, CA so that you can have a successful reception at a lower cost.

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