Do’s and Don’ts in Scheduling Wedding Dress Fitting in Chicago IL

Easy Wedding Dress Fitting

You’ve decided on your wedding style and the wedding dress that’s been in your dreams ever since you were a little girl. Now you’re having a trouble in finding the perfect wedding gown for you. Follow these basic dos and don’ts to make sure that what you wear reflects your personal style by having scheduled wedding dress fitting in Chicago IL.


  • Make your first fitting appointment eight weeks prior to your wedding
  • Scheduling your fitness regime to become a maintenance program at that time.
  • Bring your actual wedding shoes to determine the perfect length for your wedding dress
  • Bring your undergarments that properly fitted for you. A lot of bridal salons suggest selecting things that definitely match your skin tone and there are a lot of choices when it comes to body shaping products that will be perfect for you no matter how subtle the gown is.
  • Schedule your makeup and hair trial before your second fitting. You can also bring a silk scarf in order to cover your hair and face to get in and out of the gown.
  • Familiarize yourself with the bustle on your dress.
  • Do bring people you trust and who will tell you the truth. It is important to know their honest feedback about what the wedding dress looks like.


  • Do not feel guilty about taking the time to examine your wedding dress for marks, tears, loose seams, missing beading and discolorations.
  • Don’t be afraid to hurt your consultant’s feelings. You will make her job easier by being truthful about what you want. In the beginning of your appointment, why spend too much time getting in and out of a gown you don’t love when you could spend it finding the gown of your dreams by having a scheduled wedding dress fitting in Chicago IL.

In planning for a wedding, you need to make sure that everything is in place like your flower, gourmet catering, photographers and many more. Make your wedding dream come true and be prepared for your wedding day.

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