Serving Exquisitely Designed Boston, MA Ombre Wedding Cakes

Ombre Wedding Cake Selections

Do you love trendy and colorful things in your wedding? If yes then it is perfect to showcase being colorful and trendy in one of your wedding cakes in Boston, MA. If your wedding is following a certain color scheme then it is best if the ombre cake too. While traditional white frosted cake is so common among weddings, you can always break the tradition by stepping it up to the next level.

Wedding Cake1If you will display ombre cakes in the reception, the guests will surely be blown away. Getting an ombre cake should be done thoroughly as this is a very delicate type of cake. Once you have decided for the color, there is no turning back. Of course, since it is a dessert then it should also be luscious and yummy inside. For more ideas regarding the top ombre wedding cakes, here they are in no particular order:

Pretty pastel ombre cake: As you know, brides are drawn into pastel colors; they even choose pastel colors for their shoes, nail polish, bags and many more. Putting pastel color in your cake makes the dessert look better and completely lovable. According to experts, the most favorite pastel colors for wedding cakes are orange, pink, mint and many more.

Tropical sunset ombre cake: If you are drawn towards the color of tropical sunset, then get this ombre cake. According to cake makers, this color option is quite popular since the appeal of yellow, orange and pink is really charming and lovable. By simply looking at the cake, it evokes romantic and sweet emotion.

Trendy mint ombre cake: Not all brides are into pink, tropical sunset and other pastel colors. Some brides love it green. According to experts, this color is becoming trendy as some brides are veering away towards pinkish or purplish type of cake. In order to deliver the finishing look for this type of cake, you design it with a single mint green floral bloom.

Glamorous pink ombre cake: Glamour and decadent affair is the peg of this cake. Among the most attractive ombre cakes, this one is a runner up. With this cake, you can pick different shades of pink from hot pastel to toned down pink. This is best if the ombre cake is arranged in different level of tiers. It looks classy and glitzy at the same time.

Purple ombre cake: During cake tastings, one of the bestselling cakes that will surely melt your heart is the layered purple more cake. Its design is simply stunning; you will love it even more when the buttercream frosting starts to melt in your mouth.

When it comes to aesthetics, nothing beats ombre wedding cakes in Boston, MA. If you need more design inspirations, you can always browse online or through the portfolio of local cake makers. Be warned that not all bakers and cake designers are capable of making an ombre cake. Go with providers who have rich experience in terms of designing this type of cake.

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