Sweet Treats Buffet for Your Wedding Reception

Sweetie Buffets For Weddings

Dessert buffet is becoming popular these days. They make the wedding sweeter and memorable. Recreating your childhood favorite treats will surely make the wedding fun and exciting. This idea is inexpensive and stylish while adding a real sense of fun to your wedding without breaking a bank. The idea here is to be creative and artistic but you don’t need an expert in order to achieve such perfection.

All About WeddingHow to create your own sweetie buffet? There are some simple ways to acquire this idea. You can either ask a help from your friend and family to come up with something fun and exciting.

Basically, having such buffet requires clear container preferably glass jars. Tinted jars can be use but they tend to hide the real colors of the treats. Therefore clear glasses will do the work. Come up with different sizes and shapes to add interesting details to the dessert table. It would be nice to select jars that eye-catching. You could probably use kitchen storage jars or cookie jars that are decorated with colored ribbons that will match your wedding colors.

It is ideal to use treats that are not easily melts. Avoid using chocolate if you are planning to have summer wedding. You could probably wrapped sweets with colored foils and candy papers. Make sure that colors coordinated with each other. Use different sizes and shapes to create interest. Retro styles candies are perfect too. If the sweets are not wrapped, make sure to have them colored.

To make the jars more stylish and inviting, decorate them with colored or personalized ribbons. You can also use trims such as tiny butterflies, love birds or sparkling gems. For a more retro looks, add stickers or cards to each jar (Mason jars). Sky is the limit! Check pinterest and instagram for more ideas on how to achieve retro styles. It would be fun if you will use pastel colors. This will make the buffet table more inviting and delicious.

If you don’t have time to prepare there are some dessert buffet companies that can arrange and cater your wedding day. They provide everything, from table, decoration, jars, down to candies. You just need to give them your thoughts and they will do the rest. The dessert table can be presented along with the wedding cake. You can also add chocolate fountain in the center of your buffet table. Just watch out for that sugar rush!

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