What’s the Best Diamond Shape as Engagement Rings in Baltimore MD?

Choose the Best Diamond for Her

ringSo, you are ready to propose to her. Have you taken a thought of what kind of ring you would give her? Oh, a diamond. That’s a beautiful choice. What kind of diamond do you want to give her? You haven’t thought of it yet? Hmm… Maybe you don’t know about this things but, a diamond has different kind of styles, shapes or cuts. You just can’t buy a diamond ring without knowing if it’s the right cut for her. Each shape of diamond engagement rings in Baltimore MD has it’s own meaning and you need to choose wisely. Plus don’t forget to treat her on a special gourmet dinner with family and friends after your romantic proposal.

Anyway, let me tell you about this shapes of engagement rings in Baltimore MD.

Round. This is the most popular diamond shape. If she is a classic kind of girl this fancy diamond shape ring is perfect for her.

Princess Cut. This kind of ring is rightful for a trendy, chic girl. This is a good choice of ring because of it’s flexibility in working almost any style of ring. Find this cut through the jewelers that are listed in top10weddingvendors.com/baltimore/engagement-rings-baltimore-md/.

Oval. This is a modified brilliant cut. This is for an innovative and creative type of girl. It possesses a similar fire and brilliance.

Marquise. This diamond is a football shaped one. If you are proposing to a drama queen girl, this ring will totally fit her style.

Pear Shaped. This is a combination of round and marquise shaped. This ring is great for a unique kind of girl. She deserved this ring.

Cushion Cut. This combines the square cut and rounded corners, much like a pillow. A romantic kind of girl is the best one to wear this exquisite style of ring.

Emerald Cut. This is classic and sophisticated unique kind of diamond shape. Glamour girls will be fabulous in wearing this ring.

Asscher Cut. This is similar to emerald cut, but in square shapes with larger step facets, a higher crown and a smaller table. This great for girls who love vintage styles.

Radiant Cut. This has first rectangular cut to have a complete brilliant cut facet pattern applied to both the crown and pavilion, creating a vibrant and lovely diamond. Diva girls are best to wear this ring style.

Heart Shaped.This is unique and unmistakable symbol of love. Those girls who are sentimental are the best one to wear this diamond ring shape. It shows their real style.

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