What’s Your Wedding Photography Style in Charlotte NC?

Types of Wedding Photography

photographyYou might have a problem on choosing the exact wedding photography style for your wedding (because you have no idea of what kind of photography you will have). Wedding photographers in Charlotte NC has skills but, they differ in their photography types. To know what type is right for your wedding event, here are a compilation of photography types that you must know:

Formal Wedding Photography

This type of wedding photography is somehow like the ones you’ve seen on photo albums. Simple, staged poses are being captured and slip into an album for memory comeback when you grow up. This style has been around for a long time because it is also the traditional way of taking pictures. You may think that formal style is boring but, you can ask your photographer to spice up some photos to make it look unique.

Photojournalism Style

Candid or journalistic wedding might be for you if you are planning for a non-traditional wedding style. Photojournalism is a trend in wedding photography these days. It’s more on telling a story rather than simple, staged poses. Photojournalistic style documents everything that will happen on your big day. You will surely be surprise on what your wedding photographers in Charlotte NC will capture. This is also good in picturing the gourmet food and gifts in your wedding.

High Fashion

Commercial photographers excel at creating striking images. This style create a dramatic form of pictures as your keepsakes. If you are wearing a sexy dramatic dress then, you might consider a fashion wedding photographer. He/She specializes in creating shots within the colorful bliss on your party. Just choose a photographer who has a creative imagination and artistic style. This might be the perfect wedding type for you. If you are into modernity, this style is the best to choose for.

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